My First Roll of Film

I just got my first roll of color film ever back from the lab, and I could not be more thrilled with how my photos turned out. Film photography requires mindfulness, because unlike digital, you can't look at your photos immediately and take another one if you need to. You have to trust in your knowledge and be okay with the fact that you won't see those images for at least a week. I’m so excited to be venturing into this side of photography.

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Mina Hutchison
Baptism at Holy Spirit Church, Tempe AZ

Being a wedding photographer in Tucson Arizona has one giant perk: if you do weddings, you are qualified to do almost any other event. Here are some photos from this baptism at Holy Spirit Church in Tempe, Arizona. This family was easily one of the sweetest, most inviting families I have ever met. This was a special time for them and I'm oh so glad I was able to preserve those memories for them.

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Rincon Creek Ranch Wedding: Aaron and Leslie

Aaron and Leslie's wedding took place at Rincon Creek Ranch in Vail, Arizona. It is absolutely the perfect place to get away from the sounds of the city and just be out in nature. 

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