Sweetheart Session at Omni Tucson National Resort

Currently in my life, Veronica is one of the most important people. You see, she's the head trainer at the Ina location of Psychosomatic Transformation Center, the gym that changed my whole outlook on my body and health. I know that may sound strange saying my trainer is one of the most important people in my life; but, she is the person leading my workouts, making sure I'm being safe, making sure I'm getting the most I can out of my workout, and writing those workouts. And let me tell you, "Princess Veroncia's weeks" are HARD. Veronica also takes her trainer duties way beyond what we do in workout. Earlier in the summer, she had us list off all the positive words that describe ourselves and what we do in the gym. Last week, she told us that every time we drank a gallon of water, she would do a burpee. This week, she has challenged us to walk 10 minutes everyday, and she will do two med ball slams for every person who tags her on fb. She cares about her clients. I have no doubt that trainers like her are a huge part of keeping people going to the gym. 

Veronica and Ernie actually met at work! Ernie works on the private training side of Psychosomatic, so sadly, I had never met him before this shoot! I've heard from others, though, that Ernie is also tough. I guess that makes perfect sense considering he is in a relationship with Veronica, whose idea of a good time is us running across the room with a resistance band around our waist that has been attached to a pole (if this doesn't sound hard, you've never experienced the resistance band). At the time Veronica and Ernie met, Veronica was in a relationship with someone else; so, they were just friends. Despite this, Veronica looks back and describes her and Ernie as having a connection that she had never had before. When her relationship ended, Ernie gave her time to heal and they began to casually date. Veronica says that she fell head over heels for Ernie a lot faster than she ever would have expected. Now to quote her, "I love this man, he teaches me something every single day.... He’s an amazing man and we’ve grown so much together already! He truly is a blessing in my life!"