Stillwell House Wedding with KelPhoto Art

The Stillwell House is a beloved venue in Tucson, Arizona. From its sweet owners to its amazing courtyard, The Stillwell House is a place that couples want to get married and photographers want to photograph. I actually styled and hosted a shoot there last year myself (which you can find here). I had never, however, shot an actual event at The Stillwell; so, when Kelli of Kel Photo Art asked me to assist her, I jumped at the chance. Of course, I was 32 weeks pregnant at that point, so I did not literally jump. I was, however, very excited to finish of my photography season before giving birth at The Stillwell. As the assistant, I mostly stuck with the groom, which was awesome! I got the chance to further hone in my skills with capturing groom’s getting ready shots and got to focus my attention on preserving this couples’ memories from a different perspective. I also spent a great deal of time capturing the reception details and cocktail hour while the primary photographer focused on group portraits. Because the ceremony space doubled as the reception space, the staff at The Stillwell had to work very quickly. Of course, because I didn’t know all the details that would be on the table, so I ended up having to make the rounds a few times to get a photo of the completed table. I felt silly, but it was worth it! Thank you Kelli for reaching out to me and asking me to assist. I had a blast, and I’m so glad I could assist you in capturing this wonderful couples’ day. Every time I am at weddings, I am reminded of my why: I love seeing people in love. I also love witnessing the support that friends and family members show the couple on their big day. To me, capturing both the couple and the guests are integral to wedding photography. Wedding photography is all about love, and love is seen in many different ways.

Stillwell house
Stillwell House
Stillwell House
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Stillwell House
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