Dallas Texas Portraits

Back in February, I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the Styled Shoots Across America Conference, in Quinlan Texas. Part of what made this trip so wonderful was that I got to stay with my cousin, Megan, in Dallas. Megan and I were both three weeks apart (yes I will include a throwback photo) and spent quite a bit of time together as kids: birthdays, holidays, weekend sleepovers (remember when we would sleep on the 2nd floor landing in the crystal shores house?!), Breakfast with Santa musical entertainment, you name it! Megan moved to Dallas for a change of pace and has done so well there. She works for Trunk Club, which means she knows fashion. I think you'll see that reflected in her wardrobe choice for this shoot. I love the white on white look. It's neutral, which means I can focus on her face, and looks so professional! I'm so amazed with the woman she's become and thrilled that life in Dallas is treating her well! 

Throwback photo as promised! Megan was dressed up as Belle, I was dressed up as gril in tutu.... Hahaha. And look at that Ferbie on my dresser!