My First Roll of Film

The learning never stops over here at M.Hutchison Photography! I just got my first roll of color film ever back from the lab, and I could not be more thrilled with how my photos turned out. Film photography requires mindfulness, because unlike digital, you can't look at your photos immediately and take another one if you need to. You have to trust in your knowledge and be okay with the fact that you won't see those images for at least a week. When you shoot film, you have 36 shots a roll (at least on the smaller 35mm camera I have), and it costs around $15-$20 to develop.  Add that to the cost of the film ($9), you're looking at no less than $24 dollars every 36 shots you take. Film is a wonderful investment in yourself a photographer. It makes you slow down and focus. I'm so excited to venture into this side of photography, and I look forward to honing in my skills. And to all my future couples and clients, look forward to hybrid shooting: digital and film. All of these were taken on my recent trip to Ohio! My husband and I fulfilled my lifelong dream of going to Cedar Point Amusement Park. We also visited Put-In-Bay, an island on Lake Erie, and we stayed in a small town on Lake Erie called Vermillion.

Mina Hutchison