San Xavier Del Bac Engagement Session

When I first met Megan, we were both undergraduates working with adults on the Autism Spectrum when we weren't in class. Megan is one of the kindest people I've ever met and also one of the calmest. She handled challenges at work with much more grace than I hope to possess. She's also hilarious on top of just being an all around good person. It's been a few years since either of us worked together, and Megan is living in Phoenix now; however, when she asked if I had any availability for an engagement session, I was thrilled!

Megan and Daniel's (who I had heard so much about but never met before), ventured over to the San Xavier Del Bac Mission in Tucson, Arizona on the Tohono O'odham Nation San Xavier Indian Reservation. "San Xavier," as commonly referred to by locals, has a rich history in Tucson. Per the mission's website, the San Xavier mission was first founded in 1692. Construction of the church began nearly 100 years later in 1783 and was completed in 1792, making the mission the oldest European building in Arizona. The mission has been repaired a few times since it was first built. In 1887, parts of the building were knocked down by an earthquake, and in 1939, parts of the building were restored after being struck by lightning. 

Adding even more to the history of this mission is the fact that Daniel proposed on Grotto Hill, which is adjacent to the mission. These two are the most darling couple. They're both so kind and so in sync. They're also both hilarious, so a shoot with them was just a hoot (look at me being all Dr. Seuss). 

Congratulations you two! I'm so happy for you!