Sweetheart Session at St. Philip's Plaza

I first had the pleasure of meeting Hailey at my gym, Psychosomatic Transformation Center. Hailey was one of my trainers. She and I connected early on, because I told that I thought she was just so cute and invited her to model for a shoot that I was planning. It didn't work out, but she has been one of my best supporters as a photographer since! 

Hailey and Ryan met in the 6th grade! Ryan actually asked her to be his valentine, but she said NO (even though she liked him)! They went to middle and high school together and played in the same soccer clubs. They reconnected after high school while they were both going through some tough things. Their friendship grew from there. According to Hailey, "Ryan and I have had a connection for such a long time, and it's crazy to see that the paths of life have brought us right back to each other." 

For this sweetheart session, we went to St. Philip's Plaza, home to Union and Reforma (dang good restaurants), a weekly farmer's market, and Psychosomatic's corporate office! Hailey and Ryan have some of the biggest smiles and laughs I've ever seen. They went a long with all my games (even when they didn't understand them) and were patient as I messed with my light meter for film. I loved working with them, and I think their love for each other is so apparent in these photos. Thank you Hailey and Ryan! I had a great time. 


Mina Hutchison